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Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 to ensure you are get the best and safest workout.


All Clients are required to complete the Medical / Legal waiver before commencing classes. Click Here to download. If you are injured in class, stop immediately and inform your Trainer. If your medical condition changes at anytime, inform your Trainer as your workout may need to be modified or you may need to obtain clearance from your Doctor before continuing.

If you have any questions, please call or text Scott on 0410 430 123 
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MPT KickFit, is about taking your fitness challenge 1 step further. 

Classes are designed around the basic principles of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Not only is it a highly effective workout, it has the added benefit of also being great for self-defence.

MPT KickFit will enhance your cardiovascular fitness, build strength and endurance and really get you sweating to burn calories for weight loss.

Instruction is provided on the following:

  • How use Thai Kick Pads
  • How to use Thai Kick Shields or Punch Manshields
  • How to strike using elbows
  • How to strike using knees
  • Punt Kicks
  • Push Kicks
  • Round Kicks - Low (Thigh)
  • Round Kicks - High (Ribs)

Your Trainer, Scott Windus is a fully accredited PunchFit KickPad Instructor, for your safety and benefit.

Having learned PunchFit boxing techniques, instructed in MPT BoxFit classes, is a highly recommended entry level requirement for MPT KickFit classes. Refresher training is provided on correct boxing techniques if you have not boxed in a while. Other Boxing or Kickboxing experience would otherwise help.

All participants are required to use the instructed techniques which have been designed for the safe and effective use in KickPad Fitness Training. 

As with MPT Boxfit classes, all strikes are done into pads or shields and there will be no contact sparing. This is first and foremost a fitness class.

Boxing gloves, kick shields and kick pads are provided. You will need to buy and bring your own stretch wraps (best option) and you will be taught how to put them on. Quick wraps are otherwise a minimum standard. You will also need to wear suitable training clothes and bring a towel and water. If you own your own gloves, you are welcome to bring them along for inspection for suitability. (No bag mitts or MMA gloves sorry)

Please be aware that there is a high dependency on your coordination skills when incorporating punches, Elbow strikes, Knee's and Kicks in a workout. Be patient with yourself as it may take some time for you to be competent in the techniques so that you can then switch your focus to speed and power.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants. This will ensure you receive sufficient instruction, supervision and motivation to complete safe and effective workouts.

Minimum class size to commence each 10 week round is 4. If for any reason a class can not be run on a particular Monday, it will be postponed so that there are always 10 classes in a round.